Quality Automotive Services in Carrington

Street Automotive is the best place to have your car serviced and repaired in Carrington, Newcastle and surrounding cities. We help private and commercial clients ensure their vehicles are running flawlessly. Whether you’ve experienced routine wear and tear, an accident or an unexpected mechanical problem you can bring your car in and we can conduct an assessment.

Our automotive services include lubrication service, brake servicing, brake fluid replacement, mechanical repairs, log book and warranty servicing, spare parts for cars, trucks and 4WDs, and carbon cleaning services.
Car Engine — Automotive in Carrington, NSW

Mechanical Repairs

All Street Automotive technicians are fully qualified to carry out all mechanical repairs. To discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote please contact our service manager.
Street Automotive offers a complete range of services including:
  • Automatic Transmission Service
  • Manufacturers Handbook Service
  • Clutch replacement
  • Exhaust systems
  • Shock absorbers
  • Air conditioning
  • Wheel bearing repack
  • Cooling system service
  • Vehicle check and report
  • Battery replacement

Spare Parts

We understand that some of our Carrington and Newcastle clients are very savvy regarding auto repairs. It’s why we’re happy to provide spare parts for “do it yourself” automotive repairs and maintenance. Here are some highlights of our spare parts service:
  • Leverage our buying power to save money on spare parts.
  • Pick up orders at our workshop with advance payment.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to know the correct make and model.
  • Damaged or dirty parts will not be credited.
  • Parts for credit must be returned in 48 hours to our workshop.
  • We will assist with technical information and advice regarding parts purchases for an added fee.
  • Hoist hire on our premises is available at suitable times.
Spare Parts — Automotive in Carrington, NSW
We will assist the DIY mechanic with advice and our buying power in the purchase of spare parts. We have contacts build up and over forty years in the regional automotive industry.
All parts purchased for customers must be paid for in advance. It is for this reason we recommend customers to verify the make and model of the car for which they are order spare parts for. 20% handling charge for goods returned. No credits are allowed if the part is not returned in three days from delivery, unmarked and correctly packaged.
Log Book Service — Automotive in Carrington, NSW

Manufacturers’ Log Book Servicing

Street Automotive assists vehicle owners in getting their vehicles maintained and repaired per the terms of their logbook warranty.
Logbook servicing can be done through the place where you bought your vehicle and can also be done by a third party auto mechanic — Street Automotive.
What do we offer compared to a car dealership? Superior rates, faster turnaround times and expertise in the local auto industry that stretches back decades. Our highly trained and experienced mechanics will ensure all maintenance work is done per your warranty terms.

Why a Regular Service

Below are ten reasons to have your vehicle serviced every six months or 10,000 kilometres:
  1. A well-tuned engine uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions.
  2. Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time. It needs to be replaced regularly to extend engine life.
  3. Leaking oil or other fluids can cause a costly major breakdown or accident.
  4. Brakes must be checked and adjusted regularly to ensure roadworthiness and safety.
  5. All moving parts must be lubricated to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.
  6. Loose belts can cause engine failure and damage.
  7. Lights must be frequently checked and adjusted for legal and safe operation.
  8. Tyres should be checked and inflated to correct pressure to extend their life.
  9. Steering and suspension components should be checked to extend their life.
  10. Regular servicing documented in your logbook enhances the resale value of your vehicle.
Car Service — Automotive in Carrington, NSW
Lubrication — Automotive in Carrington, NSW

Lubrication Service

Petrol engines. Every Street Automotive Lubrication Service includes Pennzoil oil and OEM quality oil filters.

Diesel Engines & Light Commercial, 4*4s, & Heavy vehicles by appointment. Every Street Automotive Diesel Lubrication Service includes a full lube service and safety check (plus oil and parts).

Brake Service (Including Handbrake — when required)

Every Street Automotive Disc or Drum Brake Service includes comprehensive inspection of all components including brake hoses and fittings, disc or drum machining, pad or shoe replacement (using quality Bendix pads), inspection and repacking of wheel bearings and replacement of axle seals (if applicable), full inspection of hydraulics and replacement of parts as required.
Disc Brake — Automotive in Carrington, NSW
Brake Fluid — Automotive in Carrington, NSW

Brake Fluid Replacement

Every Street Automotive Brake Fluid Replacement Service includes bleeding of the entire system. (Excludes ABS)

Every Street Automotive Brake Service includes a full brake system inspection and written report, cleaning and adjustments in conjunction with above.

Street Automotive Carbon Clean Service

Since your car was new dirt, varnishes and carbon deposits accumulate in your petrol or diesel vehicle’s fuel system and the intake valves in the combustion areas. These build-ups restrict air flow and reduce your cars performance, fuel economy and increase harmful emissions that can lead to expensive engine repairs.
A Street Automotive CARBON CLEAN service is a professional process that will clean your complete fuel and air Intake system including throttle body and injector. It will safely remove harmful carbon deposits. The CARBON CLEAN service will improve your fuel economy, increase horsepower and reduces exhaust emissions.
Every Street Automotive Major Service includes:
Scan tool check of ECU, ignitions and fuel system check, full lube service, brake inspection and safety check and a written safety report. Includes PENNZOIL, OEM compatible oil filters, spark plugs (excludes fuel and air filter).
Car Engine Inspection — Automotive in Carrington, NSW
Every Street Automotive High-Tech tune includes:
Diagnostic check, high-tech electronic tune-up, including spark plugs and points if required. (Excludes fuel and air filter)

Every Minor Service includes:
Full lube service, changing engine oil, oil filter and thorough brake inspection and vehicle safety report.

Every Engine Diagnosis includes a comprehensive engine diagnosis and prints out from Launch diagnostic Scan tool to establish any running faults. Includes clearance of fault codes if the system allows (no adjustments or repairs unless quoted and authorised).