About Us

Expert Auto Mechanic in Carrington

Street Automotive is an experienced and trustworthy provider of auto mechanic services to clients in Carrington, Newcastle and nearby cities. Our service area includes Maryville, Wickham, Islington, Mayfield, Hamilton and surrounding towns.

Consider Street Automotive the one-stop shop for all your mechanical needs and registration inspections. From logbook servicing to rego checks to LPG blue and pink slips, you can count on our mechanics and automotive specialists to have everything sorted for you in quick time.

Locally Owned and Operated Business

Street Automotive is a proudly locally owned and operated business serving the Carrington and Newcastle communities for many years. As industry leaders in vehicle repairs and maintenance our local and regional clients look to us for all auto mechanic needs.
Whether you require an oil change, engine tune-up, lubrication services, mechanical repairs or spare parts, you can count on us to provide a stellar service at a reasonable price. Our customer satisfaction and word of mouth has kept us in the business with our mechanics working tirelessly to deliver unmatched service.
If there’s something wrong with your car, SUV or 4WD, you can be certain that a mechanic at Street Automotive will know what to do. We can handle 99 per cent of auto maintenance and repair work. If there’s any repair or maintenance work required that we are not best positioned to provide, you can trust Street Automotive to point you in the direction of a Carrington professional who can handle the work.
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Best Prices on Spare Parts

It may sound unusual for an auto mechanic to sell spare parts without a service attached. We believe our local customers should have a choice in how they maintain and repair their vehicles. If you’re a car enthusiast, expert or a former mechanic, you may be fully capable of repairing and maintaining your cars. We encourage you to come in to Street Automotive for spare parts for any vehicle make or model that’s sold in Australia.

Our inventory of parts and relationships with regional suppliers means you’ll get the best rates and delivery times on spare parts. In most cases we already have the part in stock and offer same day sale. If we must order the part, you can make a payment and pick it up in a few days.

Why buy from Street Automotive? We offer the best rates in Carrington, Newcastle and surrounding cities on high-quality parts from reputable manufacturers. Do not risk buying a defective or inauthentic part for your vehicle when you can get a fantastic price on the real deal.

Full Warranty

Whether you come to Street Automotive for log book servicing, mechanical repairs, minor car servicing or engine tune-ups, you receive a three-month warranty on our work. You can rest assured that if you believe our work is incomplete or below standard, you can bring your vehicle back to our shop for free servicing.

Street Automotive is the Carrington car mechanic you can trust!