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Affordable Automotive Repairs in Carrington

Street Automotive is a Carrington-based auto mechanic that offers major and minor car servicing, lubrication services, logbook and warranty maintenance, mechanical repairs and spare parts to clients in the region. We serve private and commercial customers in Carrington, Newcastle and nearby cities.

Our team can also conduct registration checks, along with pink slips, blue slips and LPG checks. Trust our mechanics to ensure that your vehicle is fully compliant with local, state and national regulations before you drive away from our shop. We specialise in performing a range of mechanical repairs and maintenance including brake, clutch, suspension and muffler checks. Our mechanics are also trained and experienced in performing engine maintenance and tune-ups to help you improve vehicle performance and longevity.

Our business offers pensioner discounts and we also have loan cars available for clients whose repairs may take a few days to complete. Please note loan cars are only present on a first come, first served basis. It’s best to call us early in the day to inquire about their availability.

Street Automotive is open five days a week and is the place to visit when you require any auto servicing or repairs. Whether you need help in diagnosing the problem with your car or you already know what spare parts you need to buy, we’re ready to help in any way we can!

At Street Automotive we pride ourselves on the personal interactions we enjoy with customers. We aim to provide diligent, efficient, affordable and friendly service to everyone who comes into our shop. Our business relies on referrals from friends, family and colleagues of our loyal customers.
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Major & Minor Car Servicing
Street Automotive understands that any problem with your vehicle can be a significant inconvenience. Whether it’s an engine that doesn’t start, worn out brakes or a dead battery, you’ll require expert services to ensure you can get your vehicle back to 100 per cent functionality.

We have the experience, training, equipment and work ethic to provide car mechanic service to our private and commercial customers. We can handle all kinds of car servicing including minor maintenance, major repairs and everything in between!

Our Street Automotive minor and major car servicing also includes logbook servicing. We’re happy to assess your car logbook or warranty and provide you with the routine maintenance or repair services you need. Not only does it ensure your vehicle is always in prime condition, it allows you to save money on the best auto repairs in the region.

Why take your car to a dealership when we can provide a superior service in quick time?
Lubrication Services